Hi! My name is 

Ava Scherocman.

I love solving problems, writing programs, and my dog.

Currently, I'm...

Attending William Mason High School.

I'm a junior taking as many computing classes as they'll let me. I'm also a highest honors student taking mostly AP/Honors classes.

Organizing Windy City Hacks as Head of Marketing.

I've connected with hundreds of teachers, principals, charities, and students organizations to bring over 160 high schoolers of all skill levels to our event in summer 2019.

Organizing CincyHacks as a marketing coordinator.

I help with marketing efforts for my Hack Club's yearly hackathon.

Leading Mason ACM as President

I organize our weekly meetings and manage our finances, membership, and events. My club members and I attend local computer science focused events together.

Running Mason Twilight Camp as a Program Assistant

I've lead other high school students in planning and hosting a summer camp for Girl Scouts aged 5-12 for the past 5 years. We brainstorm and prototype activities and crafts, and function as supportive role models for young Scouts.

Some things I've done in the past...

Worked at Hack Club as a summer intern

I helped other high school students found computer science clubs at their local high school.

Worked at Interlink Cloud Advisors as a summer intern

I worked at the service desk helping customers with software and hardware problems. I helped company employees manage their Microsoft Office and 365 products. I also organized a lot of drawers.

Find me here: