Hi! My name is 

Ava Scherocman.

I love solving problems, writing programs, and my dog.

Computers and I have been best friends since I could crawl, and I think it'll be a lifelong friendship.

Currently, I'm...

Attending THE Ohio State University.

I'm a freshman who's still getting adjusted to the whole 'college' thing. I'm working towards my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Engineering through the University Honors Program. I'm also a member of ACM-W @ OSU.

Looking for an internship for summer 2021!

Here's my resume, my LinkedIn, and my email!

Some things I've done in the past...

Made customer experience great at Kroger Technology as a Software Development Intern

I added maps and real-time location tracking using GeoJSON and Apple's Indoor Mapping Data Format to over 500 Kroger familiy stores, allowing customers to search by item location at their local store. I also helped resolve some Swift and SwiftUI issues for a new feature being built in the app.

Executive Directing as the Executive Director of Mason Hack Club

During the 2020-2021 school year, I ran weekly leadership team meetings, helped plan club meetings, and managed club partnerships and community participation for Mason Hack Club.

Ran Mason Twilight Camp as a Program Assistant

I lead other high school students in planning and hosting a summer camp for Girl Scouts aged 5-12 for the past 6 years. We brainstormed and prototype activities and crafts, and function as supportive role models for young Scouts.

Worked at GMi Companies as a summer information systems intern and occasional help desk person

I worked as a C/AL programmer in Dynamics NAV to update company systems and add new features, including making the inventory system 6x faster, creating 3 new types of product labels, and creating a dealer discount management system for the sales department. I also helped coworkers in other departments with Windows/Office/Dynamics NAV/Printer/Whatever issues as they came up.

Worked at Hack Club as a summer intern

I emailed and called hundreds of high school principals, teachers, and students to encourage them to found a student-led computing club at their high school. I worked as a connection to Hack Club HQ for leaders at over 50 new clubs at high schools nationwide. I also helped over 100 students take advantage of our company partnership with GitHub and get the Student Developer Pack!

Worked at Interlink Cloud Advisors as a summer intern

I worked at the service desk helping customers with software and hardware problems. I helped company employees manage their Microsoft Office and 365 products. I also organized a lot of drawers, but that was my choice, really.

Organizing Windy City Hacks as Head of Marketing.

I've connected with hundreds of teachers, principals, charities, and students organizations to bring over 160 high schoolers of all skill levels to our event in summer 2019. 2020's event is unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19 :(.

Organizing CincyHacks as a marketing coordinator.

I help with marketing efforts for my Hack Club's yearly hackathon.

Leading Mason ACM as President

I organized our weekly meetings and managed our finances, membership, and events. My club members and I attended local computer science focused events together.

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A prettier version of my resume

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