Hi! My name is 

Ava Scherocman.

I love

solving problems,

helping others, and

my dog.

Currently, I'm...

Organizing Windy City Hacks as Head of Marketing

I've connected with hundreds of teachers, principals, charities, and students organizations to bring over 200 high schoolers of all skill levels to our event this year.

Leading Mason ACM as Tutoring Director

I organize a tutoring program for computer science students and help plan meetings and events for our ACM chapter.

Running Mason Twilight Camp as a Program Assistant

I've lead other high school students in planning and hosting a summer camp for Girl Scouts aged 5-12 for the past 5 years. We brainstorm and prototype activities and crafts, and function as supportive role models for young Scouts.

An active community member of Hack Club

Find me here: